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Updated: Oct 10, 2020

VR Apps

Corpus Misty 2020

Corpus Misty is a VR journey into the stories of women and non-binary people across the rift of intimacy and secrecy. The experience is guided through a saturated post physical corpuscle world filled with interactive animations built to tell the stories of 5 protagonists with themes spanning from unity, mental health, faith, community, and flesh. Our hope with this project is to promote wisdom and dignity over secrecy by building a space for the collective storytelling of softer subjects.

Ambient Spheres 2018

Ambient Spheres is the first module of immersive and interactive sound environments. You can see these environments as immersive remixes with a world and interactive sounds built for this track. In this experience each sphere allows for the sound to be manipulated. This ambient experience lends itself to active sound meditation

Environment music by Hugo Paris "Lavender" - Horizons Beneath the Surface

Sound Design by Aubrey Heichemer


Corpus Misty Premier Installation SXSW in Collaboration with Popticum


Versions is a public sound and photography installation in a procedural format where participants could receive a picture of themselves with a mutable and honest identity as a photo is created by a system of reactive triggers.

The triggers are set off in this order Fabric over participant > Lights off > Open camera lens > Music starts > Performer moves > Loudness of music triggers camera flash > Camera lens closes

It takes the function of preforming truth out of the hands of the participant and and puts it into the hands of the system. Since truth and identity are transitory it removes the pressure for truthful action and layers a more gentle form of nondescript in-actionable honesty.


Dearness was a day long public immersive event where various lengths of time were captured in open frames during as the public was invited to try on a pile of couture and join in a hedonistic ceremony of dearness. Hedonism can be accompanied by fear of delusion and disconnection from what is real. Assuming materialism is our primary understanding of what is real we created a format for capturing of new materialism over time to see the progression of the perceived immaterial and perceived unreal in transformation. Coming to the centre of a real event of the superficial and unreal.

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