• Aubrey Hike

Corpus Misty

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Corpus Misty is an animated VR documentary set in a bright saturated corpuscular world where you journey into the intimate and secret tales of women and genderqueers who have created a rift in their realities in order to create unity in their worlds.

Corpus Misty was the beginning of our collective design studio the Vr Coven and once funded by Oculus Medium I hired 20 brilliant artists, designers, engineers, storytellers, musicians, marketing, and pr folks to help build the experience into an 20 minute interactive documentary. My responsibility as Creative producer includes funding, timelines, budget, direction, and managing our 2d marketing, design, engineering, installations, and PR.

This project has been a dream come true. It was built to tell the stories of a community to connect the rifts between us all and work towards unity.

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